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I don't rememeber this man's name - that's a statement on my mushy brain, not the model - but he lives in a home for the mentally ill across the street and down from me. 

I paid him to sit for me for two reasons - 

1) while younger people are more beautiful, they are often the stuff of porn. Their bodies are firm and unlined, they are the stuff of hopes and dreams and fantasies. The world is awash in pictures of them.

Men like this have earned their faces and their bodies. They are interesting in their features and well worth photographing. Give me a model like this any day.

2) He and a bunch of others live in a residential facilty and receive meager support. True, they get three hots and a cot, but they get few of the common day luxuries you and I enjoy but barely notice - restaurants, coffee at a small shop and such like that. By getting this man to pose I was able to pay him a small amount ($10 - I am rather broke myself) which allowed me to have a model and him to have a meal out and a break from his routine.

Social and aesthetic ramblings aside, enjoy this pic if you can and will.


Old Junk at Public Craft Brewing...

I was invited over to Public Craft Brewery in Downtown Kenosha last weekend. One of the employees asked if I could grab some pics or video. This video is of the warm up band, Old Junk, a Kenosha Rockabilly favorite.

This was shot with two cameras - one was used exclusively for audio. The other was the roving camera grabing all the shots in here.

The downsides on this are twofold. This was done in ambient light. The band was back-lit by the Christmas lights, which ended up making them into silhouettes and taking a lot of the contrast out of the shot. I did what editing I could to make up for this.

Secondly, I am looking for someone to shoot with, someone to help handle cameras in this case. If you or someone you know would like to monkey around doing this let me know. My basic rule is this - if I get paid, you get paid. If we don't get paid I try to make it up to you by teaching you a bit about videography. If you are new to it, you may benefit from some of my trial and error.

Contact me via email if you are interested.


Kai Andersen & The Pickups Kai Andersen & The Pickups at Sazzy B's

Kai Andersonb and the Pickups

This is Kai Andersen & The Pickups - or rather half of them. I was asked to get a photo of local nightlife to put on a bill board and these guys were one of a couple of groups interested in having their pics taken.

Sazzy B's is a very dark bar, as photography goes. I wanted to get the entertainment in it's native habitat, so to speak. So that meant no flash and the fasted settings I could. Admittedly, this is not a great photo - it is too dark and grainy. But still, I think it captures the bar band scene so well.

This is the result. Enjoy!


The Unwritten Parable of Job, by Stephen King

This video clip from Stephen King's "Storm of the Century" 
pretty much sums up my current lethargy and  mopeyness.
Been working a bit more to catch up on old rent. At the same time, the summer is over so my hours have been cut back, Cat just got sick and you can count on over $100 to the vet bill, assuming one visit only.

On top of it all, I have had neither the time, money nor the inclination to attend activist events - seems they are all scheduled during work hours, and that gets really discouraging after a while.

That said, here's a video that sort of captures it all.


Kenosha Town Hall Meeting on Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act - known also as Obamacare - is the law of the land. You are free to love it or hate it or work to change it, but no matter what, it applies to you.

That said, what does the act mean for you? What are you required to do and what are you allowed to do? And how do you know if you even need to worry about it?

While this video is most concerned with the people living in Kenosha, Wisconsin, it can give you information that you need to know even if you aren't a cheese

This informational meeting took place on Tuesday, October 8th, in Kensoha. County Board Supervisor Dayvin Hallmon organized this open meeting to explain and answer citizen questions about the Affordable Health Care Act -- otherwise known as "Obamacare".

The meeting, held in the public room at Kenosha's Civil War Museum, was attended by about 100 residents.

The meeting was split into two parts. An overview of the program was presented by Kevin Kane of Citizen Action and Danielle Zirkle from Covering Kids and Families.

Afterwards, a group of panelists answered more specific questions about tme law. The panelists were Darren Allen of the Common Ground Healthcare Co-Operative, Alexandria Alvarado of Molina Healthcare, a speaker from The Kenosha Community Health Center, Tracy Wymelenberg of Aurora Health Care, Sue Trottier of Trottier Insurance and Michael Farrell of David Insurance.

While I am not the person to ask - i.e. a trained expert - if you have questions just ask them and I'll see what I can find out for you.


Depression in the monkey house

Depression in the monkey house

Shot this at the Racine Zoo a few years back using a really shitty cell phone. Saw it the other day and opted to mess with it.

It was midwinter at the monkey house, and maybe the bleak season was the reason for it's this little guy's looks. But I suspect it was the confinement.


Wicker Park, dead dark...

Wicker Park Fountain
Shot at ISO 12800 and has more grain than Iowa.
Was in Wicker Park (Chicago) last night to film a US Out of the Middle East march. Was torn on whether to shoot video - my Canon HF M40 has incredible low light performance - or to shoot pictures - the T1i is iffy in such conditions.

This shot is of the fountain in Wicker Park. It was shot with the T1i. If you are familiar with film speed (ISO) you know you likely shoot most of your stuff at about 400. This was shot at 1/30th of a second and f/4.0. To get it to show any image at all, I had to boost the ISO to an insane 12800. Thus all the grain.

Suffice it to say I went with shooting video.

As an aside, this is the first light check I shot - the water from the fountain hitting the pool.

Fountain Water at Wicker Park
3200, f/6.3, 1/30th converted to B&W