Protest/Counter Protest at Oak Park Women's Clinic

Protest/Counter Protest at Oak Park Women's Clinic

Choice Action Team or the words of Sunsara Taylor, read by Martha Conrad of 
Stop Patriarchy, www.stoppatriarchy.org.]

The Wellness Clinic of Oak Park, Illinois, sits unobtrusively in the middle of the 900 block of Oak Park Avenue. The business, a storefront women's health clinic, normally draws light traffic and little attention. That was not the case on June 26th, 2013.

Approximately 27 members of the Pro Life Action League planned to protest the clinic – or rather protest Dr. Cheryl Chastine's participation with the clinic. Why? The short answer is because Chastine flies in to
Witchita, Kansas about twice a month to work in the abortion clinic there. She has taken the place of the late Dr. George Tiller, who as gunned down in his church in 2009 by anti abortion zealot Scott Roeder.

The members of the PLAL were not alone at the clinic, however. Word of their protest got out and in response 25 members of the Illinois Choice Action Team arrived a half hour before the scheduled protest to set up their own counter protest. The ICAT's goal was to show Dr. Chastine that she has support, is appreciated and that people had her back, so to speak. 

Protesters with banners, posters an placards lined both sides of Oak Park Avenue, trying to drum up support from motorists and passerbys. Numerous cars honked, though with protesters and counter protesters standing shoulder to shoulder it was not clear who they were cheering on.

Oak Park police had two and three officers on site. There were no incidents and no arrests.

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